hey gif, hey Brooklyn

Making of The Rainbow Machine photos at The Flux Factory Not So Silent Auction, 2012.

Holler ! I made the one with the champagne!


The image replies on this post are really good!

It’s the post asking for your help in customizing my avatar for the holiday season. I think I should actually rotate through each one.

Tanlines at Angel Orensantz

I made ‘em.


Woe to us all! Armageddonwave marked the end of the world and Pulsewave for the year 2012. If we are to survive, we shall gather again on the 26th day of January in the year 2013.

Almighty thanks to Kedromelon, Trey Frey, Bit Shifter and visualists Notendo and Rosa Menkman! 

Hell and Heaven.

Hell and Heaven.

2nd wave of gifs from Pulsewave last weekend. Check out my first batch on the official Tumblr.

  • futurestack working the visuals
  • craphazzard working the crowd
  • my brain getting worked
  • goferboy and glomag gettin’ cray


Playing with shiitake mushrooms.